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A new tool tailored for HER2+ disease
Evaluated in
>2,000 patients
HER2DX® reveals:
• long-term relapse risk
• probability of therapy response
• tumor HER2 expression levels
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1 in 5 women

with breast cancer has
HER2+ disease

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> 450,000

cases diagnosed
every year worldwide

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Every 2 minutes

a woman is diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer

Human Epidermal Growth Factor
Receptor-2 Positive is

one of the most
aggressive types
of breast cancer

HER2+ breast cancer is a

clinical unmet need

To date, there are no tools to predict
the beneficial effect of targeted therapy
and the risk of recurrence

A sophisticated tool
for an accurate diagnosis

HER2DX® is the first
genomic tool for patients
with early-stage HER2+
breast cancer

HER2DX® measures the expression of 27 genes
from Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) breast cancer tissues.
Specifically, HER2DX® evaluates the following biological processes:

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Tumor cell


The biological information from these 4 gene signatures is combined
with clinical data such as tumor stage and nodal stage.

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Tumor stage
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Nodal stage
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Updated version with the most recent studies conducted on HER2DX®.

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More visual results, the scores are shown in representation with their scale.

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Extensive description and guidance for reading the results, their clinical significance and supporting data.

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Extensive explanation
of the scores for a better interpretation of the results.

HER2DX® included in the Spanish Society of Medical Oncologists (SEOM) guidelines.

Screenshot of the SEOM guidelines article
"In HER2-positive disease, the HER2DX 27-gene test has recently emerged as a useful clinical tool [22-25]. The HER2DX test provides two independent scores indicating prognosis when treated with -based CT (HER2DXrisk-score),and the probability of achieving a pathological complete response following trastuzumab based therapy(HER2DX pCR-score). Thus, HER2DX can help to identify suitable candidates for escalation and deescalation treatment strategies in some clinical situations, even when this tool needs additional validation (II, B)."
Based on a systematic review of relevant studies and on the consensus of experts from GEICAM, SOLTI, and SEOM.
•Ayala de la Peña,F., Antolín Novoa,S., Gavilá Gregori,J. et al. SEOM-GEICAM-SOLTI  clinicalguidelinesforearly-stagebreastcancer(2022).ClinTranslOncol(2023).
•Prat A,Guarneri V, Pascual T, Brasó-Maristany F, Sanfeliu E, Paré L. Development and validation of the new HER2DX assay for predicting pathological response and survival outcome in early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer. Lancet Oncol.2022;25:1–5.  fulltext
•Tolaney SM, Tarantino P,GrahamN,TayobN,ParèL,VillacampaGetal.Adjuvant  paclitaxelandtrastuzumabfornode-negative,HER2-positivebreastcancer:final  10-yearanalysisoftheopen-label,single-arm,phase2APTtrial.LancetOncol.  2023;24(3):273–85.~[](https://doi.  org/10.1016/S1470-2045(23)00051-7)•Bueno-MuiñoC,EchavarríaI,López-TarruellaS,Roche-MolinaM,DelMonte-Millán  M,MassarrahTetal.AssessmentofagenomicassayinpatientswithERBB2 -  positivebreastcancerfollowingneoadjuvanttrastuzumab-basedchemotherapy  withorwithoutPertuzumab.JAMAOncol.2023;27:e230187.[  jamaoncol.2023.0187]•WaksAG,OgayoER,ParéL,Marín-AguileraM,Brasó-MaristanyF,GalvánPetal.  AssessmentoftheHER2DXAssayinPatientsWithERBB2 -PositiveBreastCancer  TreatedWithNeoadjuvantPaclitaxel,Trastuzumab,andPertuzumab.JAMA  Oncol.2023;27:e230181.[](https://doi.  org/10.1001/jamaoncol.2023.0181).•VillacampaG,TungNM,PernasS,ParéL,Bueno-MuiñoC,etal.AssociationofHER2DX  withpathologicalcompleteresponseandsurvivaloutcomesinHER2-positivebreast  cancer.~

HER2DX® has been validated in >2,000 patients




pCR Likelihood



Risk Score

pCR Likelihood

ERBB2 Score


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