February 25, 2021

Barcelona, Spain. REVEAL GENOMICS S.L., a biotechnology company whose mission is to change the way biomarkers are used in oncology, has announced that Patricia Villagrasa-González, Ph.D., has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, effective from January 1st, 2021.

Dr. Villagrasa-González, who is also co-founder of the company, will be responsible for defining and executing REVEAL GENOMICS’s strategic vision, including the research and development of diagnostic tests for the early detection of breast cancer as well as their future commercialization.

Regarding the appointment of Dr. Villagrasa-González, REVEAL GENOMICS' co-founder, Dr. Aleix Prat, Head of the Medical Oncology Service at Hospital Clínic, Head of the Translational Genomics and Targeted Therapies in Solid Tumors Group at IDIBAPS, and Professor at the University of Barcelona said:  "From the beginning, we realized that the advantages of our proposals lie not only in our innovative ideas and their appeal in terms of  the advancement of precision oncology, but also in the strength and dynamism of our team. We have the talent necessary to drive our proposals forward and bringing Patricia on board as our CEO is proof of this."

Dr. Villagrasa-González, on her part, comments: "REVEAL GENOMICS is the result of a project we have been working on very intensively for several months and of which I am very proud to be part, now in my new capacity as CEO as well. This year will be decisive for us, since our current projects will be reaching maturity and will require steps to be taken with a view to their successful implementation."

"REVEAL GENOMICS will provide patients with the value of our research, so I am thus realizing a dream close to my heart throughout my professional career: to provide patients with individualized and effective treatments during all stages of their disease," she adds.

Dr. Villagrasa-González assumes her responsibilities at REVEAL GENOMICS after seven years' work at SOLTI, a breast cancer research group.  She joined as Scientific Manager and was later promoted to Scientific Director. During this time, she also led the areas of Operations and Business Development, achieving a significant increase in the number of projects and trials promoted by the group, many of which use a prospective biomarker- based selection of participants.

Before joining SOLTI, Dr. Villagrasa-González conducted her postdoctoral research at the Irving Cancer Research Center at Columbia University in New York (USA), participating in multiple collaborations to advance breast cancer1. She has also worked as an assistant professor of Biochemistry in the Chair of Medicine at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She completed her Ph.D. in Biology and Biochemistry at the Institut Hospital del Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM) where she worked for five years.

Having graduated in Biology with an emphasis on Genetics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Dr. Villagrasa earned a master’s degree in Clinical Trials from the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona and a Medical Oncology degree from the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM).  She has also participated in executive education programs such as the Clinical Research Project Management at CESIF, the Strategic Management of Scientific Groups Program at ESADE, and the WE Health Executive Module Business at IESE.

“Trust, commitment, leadership, and innovation are values that we uphold as a company, and this is why we are so pleased with Patricia’s appointment to the position. Patricia does not only uphold these values, but has also shown her commitment and excellent leadership skills in every project she has managed”, Prat concludes.

REVEAL GENOMICS is a spinoff of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Vall d’Hebron Institut d ́Oncologia (VHIO). In addition to Dr. Prat and Dr. Villagrasa, the founders of REVEAL GENOMICS are Dr. Ana Vivancos del Vall d’Hebron Institut d’Oncologia (VHIO), Professor Charles M. Perou, and Professor Joel S. Parker, from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill, USA).


REVEAL GENOMICS is a healthcare company focused on developing innovative diagnostic tools to determine the best therapeutic options for cancer patients. REVEAL GENOMICS decodes complex genomic data to create easy-to-read tests that change the biomarker development paradigm and its implementation in oncology.

We use pioneering techniques, sophisticated computer methods, and machine learning to expose new cancer research data.

REVEAL GENOMICS partners with leading European institutions such as Hospital Clinic-IDIBAPS, University of Barcelona (UB), and Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO).

For more information,  follow us at @revealgenomics.


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